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2016-09-28 09:28:38
How do I get more fonts in iVinci? Reply
2016-10-13 17:46:04
Just install the fonts on macOS.

2016-09-16 05:24:03
I would appreciate a refund for the app. It does not work. The delay is almost half a second. It is not what I expected Reply
2016-10-13 17:44:53
Please contact Apple to get refund. As developer, we don't have access for refund.

2016-07-08 08:00:12
Does the app give the same url every time or does it change? Reply
2016-07-08 22:13:05
It would give the same url as long as your LAN IP address doesn't change.

sashyanth hariram
2016-05-11 15:45:11
I dowloaded mirror display in 2 of our macbook pro laptops but I am unable to make it work, please let me know how to make my laptop mirror on the other laptop Reply
2016-05-16 21:18:49
You only need to install the app on one laptop.
1. Make sure your 2 laptops join the same wifi.
2. Run the app on one laptop, you will get a http address.
3. Open the safari on another laptop and type the http address to get the mirror content.

document size limit
2016-05-03 07:30:43
Setting the document canvas size to greater than 4000 in either dimension crashes iVinci Express. [OSX 10.11.4 iMac 27-inch late 2013 i7 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M] Reply
2016-05-05 14:32:01
No problem found when setting size larger than 4000 in Intel integrated GPU. Actually, you don't need large canvas, because the SVG as Vector format allows you to zoom in to any size as you like.

2016-04-30 16:56:13
In one of forthcoming updates I'd like to see to being able to transform corners in flat-topped or rounded ones beside the sharp corners. So one avoids overhanging peaks in drawing several vector forms. Reply
2016-05-05 14:34:00
You can try to learn more about iVinci, like boolean operations which will make your work easier.

2016-04-25 20:15:29
Again in englisch ....
Hello , I use the iAnalyser on an iPad Air2 . My trial analysis has shown that high levels do not appear or are but filtered out . The actual value of 120 dB A was also displayed in the FFT analysis with just 90 dB . Why is that ?
The Snap to peak funktion, I do not understand either , or has no effect if it is switched on or not.
Also desirable is a zoom option in the respective display , but at least should scaling be changed or you should be able to scroll up or down . Otherwise high Levels is not visible.
Find the app actually very good above problems but still need to be resolved so that there are five star . Smiley
2016-05-05 14:28:18
Trial version of iAnalyzer is out dated.
When you touch in the FFT area, Snap to peak help you to make the measure line snap to peak frequency. Full zooming option is available in iAnalyzer Pro, but for most users, iAnalyzer is good enough.

2016-04-25 19:54:11
Hallo, ich benutze den Alexander leise auf einem iPad Air zwei. Meine versuchsAnalyse hat gezeigt das hohe Pegel nicht angezeigt werden oder aber raus gefiltert sind. Der eigentliche Wert von 120 dB A wurde bei der FFT Analyse mit gerade mal 90 dB auch angezeigt. Woran kann das liegen?
Die Funktion Snap to Peak verstehe ich entweder nicht oder hat keine Auswirkung ob sie eingeschaltet ist oder nicht.
Wünschenswert ist auch eine zoom Möglichkeit in der jeweiligen Anzeige, wenigstens sollte aber die Skalierung änderbar sein oder man sollte rauf oder runter scrollen können. Ansonsten werden Spitzenwerte nicht sichtbar.
Finde die App eigentlich sehr gut OG Probleme müssen aber noch behoben werden damit es fünf Sterne gibt. Smiley
2016-04-25 19:56:49
Sorry, ich nutze iAnalyser...

2016-02-03 03:29:20
With iAnalyzer Pro, the functionality to measure to the max frequency possible by the equipment software would be Well worth the 99$. I've had tinnitus troubles since I've moved to this location and would absolutely love to pinpoint any sources of near-infrasonic/near-ultrasonic interference locations that could cause near-threshold pain of hearing without my avid awareness. With this app I have narrowed a few frequencies down that basically match the same tones of my voice. A G#5 or G#7. Perhaps interference resonance from nearby magneto-electrical sources is reverberating into vocal chambers on in to the mandibular auricles and persistently stimulating those cilia to the brink. With all of the high frequency devices around and abound this would make these tools absolutely essential for working investigators to pinpoint causation for needed remedy. Reply
2016-02-04 11:02:26
Thanks for using iAnalyzer.

2016-02-03 03:16:09
The iAnalyzer lite app on iOS 9.2.1 often freezes. Requiring complete restart. I've never seen this problem before, but It seems to be related to the clear record play functions as the mic on function works well most of the time. After recording a soundbyte and playing it back none of the buttons are accessible causing a forced restart. I've tried uninstalling and redownloading but to no avail the trouble persists. I've enjoyed this trial app tremendously over the months that I've had it. And have the better versions in mind to purchase and download when/if funding ever becomes available. Truly unique in what/how it operates and has helped me on numerous occasions to pinpoint frequencies of exposure. Thank you for all that you do.
Best wishes
2016-02-04 11:01:39
Try this: Open your Settings app on your iOS device, go to General=>Reset=>Reset Location & Privacy, then open iAnalyzer Lite again.
2016-05-17 05:46:59
Have you fix this issue ? If yes how ? Because the Phyar method didn't work for me. (iOS 9.3 iPhone 6s+)
Thank you.

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