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Russell k
2010-11-02 01:59:24
Started getting iphone seesee location services not enabled error, app won't run. Location services confirmed on for seesee. Uninstalled and reinstalled, still get same error, now seesee doesn't even show up in settings location services section. Iphone 4, iOS 4.01 What do I do to fix this? Reply

Tadd S.
2010-10-28 04:29:01
I've purchased iAnalyzer, using it on my Iphone4; it's Great!
I like that this application is very clean, no advertising, clutter, and unwanted stuff. Very nice! Updated to latest 1.61
However there's are two improvements that can be made:
1. The \"Setting\" button needs to be pressed about one button
thickness lower than the actual displayed button; if you hold the phone sideways at about 45 degrees and touch \"Setting\" you'll notice this!
2. If you rotate the phone so that the microphone is up, the main application rotates. When you press the \"File\" button, the File windows is displayed upside down.
3. This is actually a wish, if possible, it would be nice to be able to control the play speed at different speeds, slower, faster and perhaps even backwards, variably?

Again iAnalyzer is Great! Well designed, very efficiently coded and compact being only 447kb!

Thanks for an excellent sound analyzer...

2010-10-20 04:57:14
What about something that creates a new album for every folder with pics inside an uploaded zip ?
It would be nice and it will avoid creating albums manually !


2010-10-20 02:30:59
if it possible to add any kind of photo or video not only from camera roll?

2010-10-19 14:34:41
Please black or grey, not purple. When this is fixed, I will comment, but won't view my pics with the purple background
Purple color will removed in upcoming version. Thanks!

2010-10-19 11:02:37
Please black or grey, not purple. When this is fixed, I will comment, but won't view my pics with the purple background Reply

2010-10-19 06:38:28
Whats up with the purple? Reply

2010-10-18 22:14:08
I downloaded SeeSee a few days ago and I really like the design. It is by far the best photo album I have seen that can provide folder organization, password protected folder as well as photo transfer via wi-fi - it is also a great innovative idea to upload photos using zip files. It can even show the Camera Roll as one folder - convenient design. Moving, deleting and copying photos are easy too.

The only drawback to me is the purple background color when viewing a photo - I have no opinion on the purple theme that shows the folder names and in blocks, which is good looking, but I hate the purple background while I am viewing photos. It distracts me from looking at the photos especially most of the time the purple background does not match my photo content. I hope in the next upgrade it will change to black color or allow an option for us to choose the background color.

Appreciate your work. Great stuff.

2010-10-18 18:40:17
I have troubles playing a video from within the application Reply

2010-10-18 15:03:27
I downloaded yesterday SeeSee and I think is the best app to organize photo and video. I really love the design and the animations.
I just hope in some improvement such as different colors for each folder/category and not only the purple. I also got only one problem. When I browse the pictures, I don't know how come back to the gallery

btw, nice work!!!

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