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2011-06-08 03:16:03
Will you be making Pics compatible with AirPlay so that movies can be sent to Apple TV etc.? This would be a good feature. Reply

2011-06-08 03:00:09
Pics does'nt work! Reply

2011-06-04 03:13:21
希望可以加入直接通过Wifi浏览Mac上所有图片的功能,谢谢~ Reply

2011-06-03 11:04:47
I installed PICS and have problem deleting photos and albums that were sync from my PC to ipad. Although I have removed those photos and albums in ipad's Photo App by unsyncing them, I cannot remove them from the PICS App. The same problem occurs to the photos and albums that I imported from Camera Kit, I cannot remove them from the PICS App.

2011-06-02 16:04:23
Real violin is great! Could you please please please make a real viola for the iPad?
Just download \"Real Violin for iPad\", it contain viola instrument.

2011-06-02 13:28:38
Can you add Airplay to Pics? Reply

2011-06-02 13:26:31
Real violin is great! Could you please please please make a real viola for the iPad? Reply

2011-05-31 01:11:34
I have a critical problem..
When I launch this app, it always shows me just black screen and 'loading mark', and turn off automatically..
My iPhone has never been jailbreaked, and installed iOS 4.3.3

I am using Mac. So I synchronized almost 10,000 iPhoto(Mac app)'s pictures with iPhone.(It's 9GB)
And those pictures are also organized into 'face' and 'place' folders.

So I think 'Pics' is crashing with iPhoto's structure in iPhone.
Or 'Pics' can't load thousands of pictures at once.
Maybe it's possible if my iPhone has more free space in excess of 9GB..
But.. if 'not enough free space' is the answer, for this app, 9GB is too huge.


2011-05-31 01:10:54
So I wanna suggest that people could choose what pictures(from 'camera roll', 'iPhoto' or both) would be loaded to 'Pics' when it's first launching.(of course this option can be changed in the future)
If I could choose this option, I won't load pictures from iPhoto, and just load from camera roll.

This is a very important thing for me.
I bought this app and really wanna use it.
But I don't wanna delete my photos from iPhoto.

Thanx for reading long complaining..:)
I hope this problem will be fixed!!

2011-05-27 09:58:19
Tried to create an ad-hoc wifi on my Mac and use it to connect to my iPhone. Connection is ok but as soon as I start the Mac Client it fails to connect to the iPhone. It finds it but says there is a version mismatch, client being 0.0 and Mac App being 2.6 but I have a 2.8 iOS client installed and it works fine in my home wifi.
Simply re-try or enable wifi share by manual and then launch the Mac Client.

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