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2012-07-12 02:53:09
$25 for THIS?! seriously, way too expensive. there are free apps that do more than this one. cut the price Reply
2012-07-12 11:05:47
Which one is free and do more than this? All we know is that others do the same with iTrace but much more expensive(cost several hundreds dollars). We will not cut off the price, and as we make it better and better, we probably rise up the price.

Jonas Petersen
2012-07-10 17:57:15
Hi Phyar

We are looking for an application to trace fonts into vector for our customers in our graphic agency.

We saw your iTrace in the Appstore, but read the peoples review of it. Not very good. Therefore is it possible to try a demo or you can trace a font we have scanned and send of the a picture of it to see how good and exactly it is working?

And we wonder why you don't show the resualt of the traced "a".... better to show a video of the process. Personal I think you will need this to convince customers like us.

Looking forward to hear from you soon as possible.

Best regards,
Jonas Petersen
2012-07-10 23:26:15
Actually, the second screen shot in app store demonstrate the whole process of tracing font, that's chinese font. And in the first screen shot, you can see the final path of tracing result, we think the customer will be more clear if we draw the path on the original bitmap. You can send your some bitmap to my email and I will send back the svg files.
Jonas Petersen
2012-07-12 17:01:44
Hi Phyar

I have sent you a file for the test to se the result of iTrace.
Jonas Petersen
2012-07-13 14:29:19
Hi Phyar

Thanks for your e-mail and the traced test.

I'm sorry to say but it's fare away from the original design. I'm not slandering you and iTrace. So I think you should continue the good work.

Our conclusion is that there is not much difference between iTrace and Adobe Illustrator's tracing. Therefore iTrace will be good for desktoppers that do not have Illustrator. But otherwise there is nothing new.

2012-07-08 05:34:47
I lost all my locked album pics in Pics app after Update my iPhone ...how to get them back?? Reply
2012-07-08 19:03:49
Photos stored in Pics would not be backed up by iTunes any more after iOS 5.0 released. We are very sorry about this but we just follow the current rule of Apple, we will continue to make effort with Apple to make your photos as safe as possible.

This means when you restore your iDevice after upgrade to iOS 5, you may lost your photos. Sync your device will not lost photos.

2012-06-26 13:53:09
Re:Real violin.
Hi, is it possible to have the left-handed version of the violin on the app?

2012-06-27 19:02:22
Not at present, we'll consider this in next update. Thanks.

2012-06-26 07:47:54
Re : iTrace - not working
Applicaiton installed on my iMac.
Application seems to have a memory allocation error - using Free Memory app, it shows the app consumes over 2GBytes of Free Memory and does not complete its function.

Applicaiton is not fit for purpose - nor sale.

Have sort through iTunes & MAC Developer for refund.

2012-06-27 19:01:44
That's really strange, could you change a small image or change a Mac to test?
2012-06-30 16:50:33
Sorry - deleted the app, as requested a refund.

It was several files of approx. 0.5-1Mbytes in size Tiff format - dimensions 18724x13244.


2012-06-25 14:13:43
Just purchased Pics, but I would like to ask for a refund since, 1) I can't delete photos as stated by this app; 2) I feel my privacy has been invaded because this app, which has absolutely no features on locations, requires my GPS coordinates. (It simply refuses to work until I grant the permission on Location Service to it) Reply
2012-06-27 19:01:00
1. No 3rd party App can delete photos in camera roll.
2. We had explained about location service in help page.
3. Contact Apple for refund.

2012-06-06 17:28:37
Is it possible to make a Pics Assistant for Windows, it's very useful. Reply
2012-06-09 14:18:43
No plan for this at present.

BK Jeong
2012-06-04 17:54:03
How export wav files???
I can't accese files..
2012-06-05 21:07:21
1. Make sure your iPhone had join a wifi network.
2. Press "file" button, now you'll see a http address display at the bottom of the window.
3. Make your computer join the same wifi network and type the http address in the browser.

2012-05-31 15:39:02
I've bought Pics 2 days ago and it was perfect. Today the app crashes every time I start it. It crashes immediately (one second after starting it).. help would be much appreciated. Reply
2012-06-02 11:37:02
Try to reboot your device. And make sure you had turned location service on.
2012-06-17 12:28:14
Pics crashes after about 3 seconds of loading. Using IOS 5.1.1
Reboot has not fixed this issue. Location services is turned on.
Anyone else having this issue?

Carlos Rocca
2012-05-31 10:00:57
I deleted lots an entire album of 300MB, but iPhone keeps telling me that Pics app is using 300MB of memory. I think there's a bug that is keeping the pictures in the memory. Reply
2012-06-02 11:36:29
Try to reboot your device.

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