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2021-10-21 08:53:07
Hi, I just bought the application and it does not work on my new windows 11 laptop, is there is an update coming out soon or please I’m asking for a refund. Reply

Christina Baum
2021-10-07 22:00:46
Hi ,

Who would I contact at your company that handles ordering your logo products, t-shirts, and promotional items?

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Are there any upcoming projects that you need logo items for?

Thanks in advance for your time.


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Cathleen Maher
2021-08-27 12:25:24
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2021-07-30 13:02:01
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Dean Lush
2021-04-08 09:18:40

It was nice speaking to you the other day, this is the service I was telling you about that helped us boost our ROI almost 2000%

Its a company called Lifemail.studio sorry it took so long to get back to you. They allow you to send any email doesn't matter what.

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Andreas Löwing
2021-04-06 22:52:23
Hello, I have just bought the Ivinci program.
I wonder if there is a limit to ivinci, does it work with 8K? i.e. 7680 x 4320 pixels as a canvas.
Please let me know what is possible in terms of resolutions.

Best regards // Andreas Löwing
2021-04-25 21:24:48
The max canvas size you can set with current version is 4K, but you don't have to set the canvas to a big size, iVinci is a vector graphic designer, the vector graphic can scale to any big size as you want, without any quality losing. If you need 7680 x 4320 image, you can just set the canvas to 768x432 and set the scale to 1000% while export.

2021-03-19 02:21:23
hi, are you going to update iVinci Pro for MacOS Big Sur? i noticed the wireframe view doesn't seem to work properly on Big Sur. Reply
2021-03-28 20:32:38
Hi, thanks for your feedback. Actually it works, you just need an extra click on canvas after you click on the menu.
2021-04-03 04:53:54
is there any way to get rid of the extra click?
2021-04-16 12:24:26
please? could you fix it?
2021-04-25 21:12:48
We will fix it in next release.
2021-04-27 10:12:42
thank you!

2021-03-10 05:19:35
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2021-01-26 10:10:25

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2020-11-06 18:08:01
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