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2012-11-29 20:59:19
Hey guys, I am using PhotoSpread(Transfer Photo) on my iPad1. I am still happy with it in general, but since the last update I can't run the update on my iPad1 anymore as the iOS is no longer supported.
This is in itself a bit disappointing but I can live with that.
What I can't live with is, that your app still stays in my Update section of the appstore and it won't go away as it can't be updated either.
So please will you change this for the next update and tag the update correctly so it won't show up on older and not supportediOS devices. Thanks a lot
2012-11-29 22:12:39
Updated app listed on unsupported device is actually the problem of iOS. What we can do is to make the next version support the iOS 5. OK, we will consider this.

2012-11-28 16:33:15
Great program.
For the wishlist:
* Info Window about the dimension of the selected object.
* Cutting tool to make a new window size.
2012-11-28 22:03:45
Yes, we are considering about Info Window.

"Cutting tool to make a new window size."
What do you exactly mean?

2012-11-17 12:34:10
I have a problem with Photo Transfer. Even though I have my mac and my iPhone connected to the same WiFi the app can't recognize my iPhone as a connected device. Please help.
2012-11-18 12:00:00
Mac would not recognize your iOS devices, you need to use browser and go to the address displayed on the Photo Transfer to download or upload photos.

2012-10-31 10:28:10
Phyar. I have a problem with Pics. The app don't runs on iOS 6 in the iPad. could you release a new version? pics 3.4?
2012-11-02 11:20:31
Pics running fine on iOS 6 with iPad 3? Which iPad are you using? Have you tried reboot your device?
2012-11-03 00:03:46
I rebooted my device, iPad 2, but Pics still don't working

2012-10-31 00:55:38
I need a way to organize photos on my ipad into Albums, and then when I delete from the album, I want it delete from the camera roll as well, so I don't have to go into camera roll, find the photos and delete there as well. Would like an app that uses the existing photos on the camera roll and not create duplicates. Basically, the ipads own system would work fine for me, other than it seems there is no way to delete inside an album and delete from the camera roll at the same time. Also need full resolution including high megapixels as my new camera is 20mp. Will Pics do all this? Reply
2012-11-02 11:21:33
No 3rd party apps can delete photos in camera roll, Apple doesn't allow us to do this.

bookmarking service
2012-10-21 19:37:06
RzdsoP Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic post.Really thank you! Will read on... Reply

2012-10-18 13:45:32
Why do i need iOS6 for Transfer Photo when in text says iOS4 ???????? Reply
2012-11-02 11:22:01
It's an update for iOS 6.

2012-10-11 20:21:00

Pics on iOS6 and iPhone 4s runs quite good (not tried any sync / share). The only problem is a wrong orientation of portrait pictures.

In thumbnail view all pictures have correct orientation / rotation. If i select an image captured in portrait mode it show with wrong orientation. Zooming in and out again shows the right orientation.
2012-10-11 22:12:49
We'll fix this soon.

Fernando Rosa
2012-10-09 22:13:10
Do you leave Mirror Screen development?

I'm looking for an app that can stream / mirror my Macbook Screen (MacOS X 10.7) through DLNA. DLNA is compatible with any modern Smart TV...

2012-10-08 23:47:27
pics on iOS 6 and new iPad.

Location Services Error, but in "Location Services" of "Settings", pics is not shown.
2012-10-11 21:59:09
Reset your location & privacy.
"Settings"=>"Reset"=>"Reset location & privacy".

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