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Richard Palmer
2013-03-06 09:50:23
I just bought iVinci and have not found one application that can open your .svg files. They all crash or display nothing! I am not pleased at all. The only ones that can "open" the files are browsers that render them as bitmapped. Reply
2013-03-06 11:06:56
That's really strange, We have tested that SVG files create by iVinci is 100% compatible with Safari, Chrome, IE at least. We also tested the other drawing apps, they also read good. You need to know that every drawing app had it's own features and document format, it's impossible for iVinci to 100% compatible with other SVG editing Apps, but we can guarantee it been displayed all right in reading Apps. You can also export as PNG or JPG if you need.
Richard Palmer
2013-03-06 12:06:14
That is a really lame answer. Safari, Chrome and IE are not vector apps. Testing the .svg files with those applications is useless with regard to vectors. The whole reason for going to a vector app is so that I can have a vector file that is scale invariant. Otherwise I would just keep things in bitmap format and use a good interpolation algorithm. ALL browsers convert the .svg file to a bitmapped format! That defeats the whole purpose for a vector file.
I have not found one vector program yet that can handle your vector .svg files and yet that is what you bragged about in your App Store write up.
Please name for me a VECTOR app that will read your files.
I think that I have just wasted $39 dollars by buying your software.
2013-03-06 15:30:20
SVG is the standard format mainly for web, web browser(Safari, Chrome, IE) is the best tool to test the SVG file. Web browser also render the SVG files resolution independently, you can "zoom in" in browser to any size without quality losing, this is the value of SVG.
Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape can read and render our SVG file properly, but not fully editable, that's because we had our private features. If other Vector Apps can not read our SVG files, that's the problem of theirs. We just follow the standard of SVG.
Actually I don't understand what's your really needs, every vector apps finally render the SVG to bitmaps, but the size control is in your hand.
If you have other questions, please email me your SVG file, I can answer you in more details.
Ron C
2013-07-05 03:00:12
I use PhotoLine (a German competitor to PhotoShop that also does vectors) and it reads iVinci's .svg files. Within PhotoLine I can move, rotate, color, resize etc. objects as vectors. As Phyar noted with the other apps, some editing features are not available but it does open the files and allows some editing.

2013-03-03 17:04:22
Just bought MirrorDisplay, it wont even start, just crashes right away... Best money ever spent? :) Reply
2013-03-03 19:30:41
Which version of OS X are you using?

2013-03-02 20:23:43
I've been using Pics since more than 2 years and I love how sleek and elegant it is and I use it only to display my best images in a very well organized way. Recently, I've started using the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit to import my photos from the camera's SD card to the iPad. However, every time I import, the iPad creates a new album. All these imported albums show under "System Albums (main)". Now every time time I open Pics, the first thing I see is so many albums named according importing date. The app doesn't feel organized any more. Please add a way to hide/prevent system's album from being displayed. Reply
2013-03-03 11:29:04
You can try to organize the system album with your built-in Photos app first.

boudewijn krijger
2013-02-22 22:17:16

I just purchased Mirror Display, and it works fine, but only on my main screen: is there any way I can get it to mirror my second display?

Thanks in advance for your reply.
2013-02-23 10:15:25
We will consider to add this feature in next version, thanks.

2013-02-21 09:47:52
I bought Air Jack The connection and streaming was reliable and worked fine. The streaming was with low latency, which I loved. I have a hard time connecting my iPod the computer and I also tried it with several other iPods. The computer has only recognized my iPod once and haven't been able to do it again. I would rate this app 5 starts if the recognition(connection) problem is fixed. Please fix the recognition problem. Reply
2013-02-21 18:53:02
I had replied your email.

2013-02-12 01:20:04
Trasfer Photo -PhotoSpread - needs native Iphone 5 display support!
And next tip for new version:
Add sort setting - I want to set display if older or newer photos show in list.
Now are first new files and after transfer are in target in bad order than in source!!!!

2013-02-11 10:38:18
I just purchased ivinvi through the app store and loaded it on my computer Mac OS X 10.6.8 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. The program crashes every time I try to run it. Reply
2013-02-13 11:25:35
Current version of iVinci only support 10.7 and 10.8. Could you upgrade your OS? We'll consider to support 10.6 in the future.

2013-02-10 14:15:12
Hi. I love Pics and I think it's awesome. I've been recommending it to friends and family. If it had tagging, it'd be perfect!

Anyway, what I wanted to ask is why Pics is taking up a lot of space (over 3GB) on my iPhone when I erased all of the pictures in it in preparation for an update? I assume it's some kind of app cache? If that's the case, an option to delete the cache from the app itself would be great. I'm about to reinstall the app now and hopefully that fixes it.

Thanks a lot.
2013-02-10 14:27:58
Also, I did a soft and hard reset as suggested on one other person who posted here but it's not fixing the space issue.

2013-02-07 14:11:52
How to control the SHADOWs distance and softness in iVinci Lite? Reply
2013-02-08 19:22:44
No way at present. With full version, you can create arbitrary shadow with gradient mesh, but we will consider to add feature about shadow blur radius and shadow offset.

Luis watts
2013-01-29 20:47:30
I had lite version of analyzer on my iphone5 when I ugraded to full version db readings suddenly were reading 40 or more db higher in the same environment Reply
2013-01-30 13:15:53
Db value depend on the Pre value which you can change it in setting panel.

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