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2015-04-29 19:35:51
I created a logo, and set the background to transparent. When i import the logo, the background turns to white.
How can i make a transperrent background?
2015-04-30 11:38:37
Make sure you didn't check the Background option in Export Dialog.

2015-04-21 01:43:57
Why can't I see RAW file of Nikon NEF? Can you help me? Thank you! Reply
2015-04-21 11:01:58
Not all RAW formats are supported. And load raw files is slow, we suggest you convert raw to JPEG first.

Harold T
2015-04-03 05:24:45
With Mirror Display, can I view the content from my Macbook pro (2013) on my Smart TV LG and Samsung? without Apple TV?

Kind Regards
2015-04-03 11:00:18
No, generally you can't view content of your Mac on a smart TV, even if you use Apple TV.
If your smart TV is powered by android and had Chrome installed, it can work, but the performance would be poor, we suggest using "Mirror Display" on Computer-to-Computer purpose.

2015-03-10 07:48:22
Hi there,

Can you please explain how to import wav files into iAnalyser Pro as the ip address displayed in the bottom lefthand (as per the help screen) corner only points to the current device and thus will not allow importing files from other locations?
2015-03-10 12:18:24
The ip address is for export/download wirelessly, to import/upload, you need to use iTunes File Sharing. http://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201301
Note that only single channel wav files are supported. Contact us again if you still have any questions.
2015-03-11 00:08:55
Sorry I'm still none the wiser... can you explicitly explain how this is achieved. How do I point the app at other files stored on the device or external storage mediums containing files?
2015-03-11 10:59:24
iOS app can only access the files in a fixed document folder inside its self, so you can't make the app point to files in other location. iTunes File Sharing is actually make you can copy files to that document folder inside the iAnalyzer. So your files need to be on your computer first. If your wav files is in the other app of iOS device, you need to transfer it to computer first then copy to document folder of iAnalyzer with iTunes.
2015-03-11 22:43:34
Many thanks, I'm able to import my own files so all working!
The only thing is... the actual wav files are much larger than the capacity of my device, do you have any suggestions on how I can load these pls...

Thank you.
2015-03-12 20:37:13
1. Remove some other files on your device.
2. Split your wav file to smaller ones.

2015-02-04 12:31:20
I'm new to digital artwork so i feel like this may be a stupid question but is their a way to give imported images a transparent background? Reply
2015-02-06 10:52:41
You can do this by change the opacity of layer that the imported image belong.

2015-02-02 09:33:49
I love using iVinci but I can't find any way of italicising text within the app. Any help?
2015-02-02 11:20:59
You can make the text italicize by apply shear transform. Select the text shape, drag on diamond icon on blue resize rectangle. Another way is to change the Shear factor in "Show Info" window.

2015-02-01 22:05:46
What does “copy to system" in Pics mean.I can not find any copies after operation. Reply
2015-02-02 11:13:11
Copy to system, then you can do paste in other App like Mail.

2015-01-26 01:20:46
I want to mirror my iPad mini screen to a CASIO XJ-A257 Beamer for presentations. All apps that i tested so far have only a limited number of document types that are displayable (e.g. word, excel or powerpoint). If I could present the live screen, basically any app I start would be displayabel. Would your "vtDisplay" be able to do this Job?

Any answer wellcom to: xxx@xxx
2015-01-26 18:12:44
No, vtDisplay use Mac as host, you can only make your Mac screen on other device.

2015-01-23 16:29:34
Why can iAnalyzer lite (and other apps like Audio kit) record a tone at 19983Hz but not iAnalyzer?

Best regards
2015-01-24 11:39:05
iAnalyzer Lite is a very outdated version, We had changed some settings in iAnalyzer so the highest frequency that iAnalyzer can display is about 19.6K, and generally human can not hear the frequency higher than 19K.
2015-02-12 22:25:36
Hi, I can hear up to 21000 hz. I used iAnalyser Lite to prove that our speakers generates a tone at 19980hz. Supplier confirmed that the tone is present. please add support of higher tones.

2015-01-15 23:23:59
When I save a svg file I can't make it show on my web page. Otherwise, if I save it in Adobe Illustrator as SVG it works ! Why is that ? What I am doing wrong ? BTW I use the Vinci Express. Reply
2015-01-22 21:37:10
Svg files saved by iVinci can be viewed by web browser in theory, you can send me your svg file with email to let us check out.

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