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2016-02-03 03:29:20
With iAnalyzer Pro, the functionality to measure to the max frequency possible by the equipment software would be Well worth the 99$. I've had tinnitus troubles since I've moved to this location and would absolutely love to pinpoint any sources of near-infrasonic/near-ultrasonic interference locations that could cause near-threshold pain of hearing without my avid awareness. With this app I have narrowed a few frequencies down that basically match the same tones of my voice. A G#5 or G#7. Perhaps interference resonance from nearby magneto-electrical sources is reverberating into vocal chambers on in to the mandibular auricles and persistently stimulating those cilia to the brink. With all of the high frequency devices around and abound this would make these tools absolutely essential for working investigators to pinpoint causation for needed remedy. Reply
2016-02-04 11:02:26
Thanks for using iAnalyzer.

2016-02-03 03:16:09
The iAnalyzer lite app on iOS 9.2.1 often freezes. Requiring complete restart. I've never seen this problem before, but It seems to be related to the clear record play functions as the mic on function works well most of the time. After recording a soundbyte and playing it back none of the buttons are accessible causing a forced restart. I've tried uninstalling and redownloading but to no avail the trouble persists. I've enjoyed this trial app tremendously over the months that I've had it. And have the better versions in mind to purchase and download when/if funding ever becomes available. Truly unique in what/how it operates and has helped me on numerous occasions to pinpoint frequencies of exposure. Thank you for all that you do.
Best wishes
2016-02-04 11:01:39
Try this: Open your Settings app on your iOS device, go to General=>Reset=>Reset Location & Privacy, then open iAnalyzer Lite again.
2016-05-17 05:46:59
Have you fix this issue ? If yes how ? Because the Phyar method didn't work for me. (iOS 9.3 iPhone 6s+)
Thank you.

2016-01-25 23:28:38
Is there a way to make the stroke line change thickness proportionally as you scale an image? Right now if I scale a selection the stroke thickness stays the same size, and I have to go change it manually afterwards which is a pain. Reply
2016-01-26 11:32:09
1. The thickness of line stroke was measured by explicit size, which means proportionally resize is not a good idea, and I don't think manually change it is a pain.
2. If you convert the stroke to a path before scale, it will resize proportionally. Select the object, go to menu Modify=>Outline Stroke.

2016-01-14 18:57:49
Hi I'm using ivinci pro.downloaded yesterday.
I have problems.

I'm using macbook pro retina, and os is Yosemite.
The problem is,
Software window doesn't fit well,
when I use hidpi, I can't click some tools.
but If i use 2560x1600 screen,It works well.
and If I use at 1024x768 , I have an error to open it..
Please! I like this app, but First thing is first.
I want to use it without an error.
Hope you fix it soon.!
I''ll wait for the reply.
2016-01-16 11:47:49
We didn't find any problem on HiDPI mode or normal mode. If the window size didn't fit, you just drag to resize it.

You can also try to remove all preference files of iVinci by following steps:
1. Quit iVinci.
2. Open your Finder, make it in your Home directory, Press shift+command+G, this will let you go to the hidden directory, now paste the path:
to go to the preference file directory of iVinci, you will see a "Data" folder and a plist file, move them all to trash.
3. Now open the iVinci, it should be all right.

2015-12-31 05:58:46
iAnalyzer for Mac OS
Has it been tested on Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan? I want to run on a 2GHz Core 2 Duo Mac with 8GB of RAM...
2015-12-31 17:26:54
Yes, it works on Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan perfectly.

UPSET Consumer
2015-11-23 11:20:07
Your mirror display app is a complete rip off and just a way to STEAL money for a product that is FALSE and advertised FALSEY. Reply
2015-11-24 18:59:13
If you have trouble using the App, you can describe your problems. If you are unsatisfied with App, you can contact Apple for refund.

2015-11-20 22:45:46
Ianalyzer lite doesn't seem to work after updating to ios9. I deleted the app and reinstalled it. None of the button respond to taping Reply
2015-11-21 18:34:38
It works on iOS 9. Check out your settings of privacy about microphone in setting app.

2015-11-10 02:20:02
Is iVinci Code still being updated? I notice iVinci and iVinci Express are at version 4.6 whereas iVinci Code is still at version 4.4, and hasn't been updated since 2013. Reply
2015-11-10 11:40:31
We didn't update iVinci Code anymore, because the latest new feature in iVinci had nothing to do with iVinci Code, the 4.4 is enough for programmers.

2015-11-08 07:57:35
I would like to know why in iVinci when using a 1px grid the drawing paths are always offset by 0.5?

For example, draw a 10x10px rectangle on a 1px grid with snap to grid turned on, the resulted rect will be 0.5 0.5 10.5 10.5. Visually it seems the grid offset by 0.5.

Also there's a little bug that with snap to grid and drawing a rect, the start corner will snap to the grid but not the bottom right corner when we release the mouse. I always need to adjust it with the point selector tool.
2015-11-09 21:44:04
We add a 0.5 offset is to make the stroke be clear on non-retina display, generally, a clear stroke is more important than a clear fill.

About bottom right corner not snap, we may consider to fix this in next update. But you don't have to use point selector, after you draw a rect, double click on it which would switch object selector, then drag on bottom right corner to adjust size.


2015-10-22 19:59:17
I purchased the iVinci but I can't open the SVGs exported from Adobe Illustrator. They are opened but the canvas is empty. Even very simple vectors.

I'm very disappointed.
2015-10-23 10:52:52
We had tested to open the SVG from Ai, it works fine. How did you export SVG in Ai? You can send us the SVG file by email.

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