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2015-11-08 07:57:35
I would like to know why in iVinci when using a 1px grid the drawing paths are always offset by 0.5?

For example, draw a 10x10px rectangle on a 1px grid with snap to grid turned on, the resulted rect will be 0.5 0.5 10.5 10.5. Visually it seems the grid offset by 0.5.

Also there's a little bug that with snap to grid and drawing a rect, the start corner will snap to the grid but not the bottom right corner when we release the mouse. I always need to adjust it with the point selector tool.
2015-11-09 21:44:04
We add a 0.5 offset is to make the stroke be clear on non-retina display, generally, a clear stroke is more important than a clear fill.

About bottom right corner not snap, we may consider to fix this in next update. But you don't have to use point selector, after you draw a rect, double click on it which would switch object selector, then drag on bottom right corner to adjust size.


2015-10-22 19:59:17
I purchased the iVinci but I can't open the SVGs exported from Adobe Illustrator. They are opened but the canvas is empty. Even very simple vectors.

I'm very disappointed.
2015-10-23 10:52:52
We had tested to open the SVG from Ai, it works fine. How did you export SVG in Ai? You can send us the SVG file by email.

2015-10-14 12:58:24
Have purchased iVinci. I can create vectors which is great, but how do I export them as vectors? Only options are jpg & png which make them bitmap again. I need to print & the reason I purchased the app was to be able to create vectors. Otherwise, can the image be made high res for printing?
2015-10-16 12:10:36
Export is to convert vector to bitmap. When you save your design to a svg file, it is vector! Open this svg file with Safari to print as vector.
You can also export as high res, in Export dialog, set a scale factor to a big percent, 400%, for example, you will get 4x larger bitmap.

2015-10-04 19:32:12
使用时发现有几个问题(系统10.11,电脑RMBP 2012顶配):
2015-10-05 20:18:15
1. 为了实现流畅操作,我们使用了一个很高效的绘图引擎导致App比较大,所以启动要慢一点。
2. 后续更新会考虑dock遮挡的问题。
3. Apple对App读取文件夹权限的限制非常严格,而且目前的验证机制在针对外置移动存储器时有bug。所以在iView中对外置存储的授权只能用一次。
2015-10-05 21:19:56

Aidan Sweeney
2015-09-30 22:47:15
just purchased mirror display to view my friends apple computer (to show him how do something) remotely he has also purchased the app .how do I see his screen.
2015-10-03 10:54:11
1. Your computer and your friend's computer are required in the same LAN.
2. Open Mirror Display on your friend's computer, it would give you a URL.
3. Type that URL in the address bar of safari on your computer.

You don't need run Mirror Display on your computer to see remote screen.

2015-09-26 07:11:27
how do I export an image I created in iVinci Express to jpeg? Reply
2015-09-28 10:35:52
You need to buy full version to do this.

2015-09-21 11:05:01
Bought Mirror Display, perfect, except that it does not allow me to select a certain part of the screen or a window to be broadcast. "XL Screen Streaming" claims to do so but works terribly. Would you add this feature to future version? I will buy it at whatever cost. Reply
2015-09-21 14:23:20
We will consider this, thanks.

2015-09-05 09:32:43
I'm looking for an application to view or preview Canon RAW Cr2 images in a folder, zoom in on them to see if they are in focus, and delete them immediately from the folder if not in focus. Will iView do this on a Mac? Reply
2015-09-05 18:20:59
You can view RAW image in iView, but to delete files, you need to reveal in Finder. And it may take a few seconds to load the full resolution of raw images.

2015-08-19 09:32:35
The amazing "iAnalyse"r gets used a lot in my work and I've recommended it to many folks in my field. Is there a way to name/rename a recorded file (rather than the date/time)? I would find it incredibly useful... Reply
2015-08-19 20:51:40
Thanks for introducing iAnalyzer to your field.
Sorry, no way to rename the files at present.

2015-08-16 21:17:51
I like the simplicity of iView but a small thing is missing: sub folder browsing. I have a lot of directories like this:
+- day1
+-- image1.jpg
+-- image2.jpg
+-- image3.jpg
+- day2
+-- image4.jpg
+- day3
+-- image5.jpg
+-- image6.jpg
+-- image7.jpg
I like to open the "vacation2015" folder and to easily traverse the day1 till day3 folders as-well. In my mind I would use "up/down"-keys (and space) for viewing images and "left/right/enter" to dive into subfolders.

Also I found a small bug; when you reach the end it shows the "go to begining" overlay. When you click another image with the mouse it's leaves the overlay image when you continue browsing.

Finally; I like the big preview but would prefer a single row. This is not a big issue but I think it's slightly more intuitive.
2015-08-17 20:36:31
Thanks for your feedback, we will consider this in next update.

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