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2011-12-17 04:17:43
PICS has a partial failure on my IPad since the latest update. Every time I try to open the PRIVATE folder (where the majority of my pics are stored) the screen goes black and fails to load.
All other folders open correctly (passwords either on or off). The only folder that doesn't work is the PRIVATE folder.
After resetting all settings there has also been a mysterious increase in the available space on my device - from just under 1gb to 2.3gb. I would be very disappointed if this means that a year's worth of collecting over 14000 photos has been deleted.
2011-12-17 09:16:29
If the screen goes blank, it doesn't mean loading failed, please wait a moment. About the photo deleting while reset all settings, we will continue discuss with Apple in the future. Sorry for incovenience.

2011-12-16 13:02:45
i update it and it has bug.
when turning on wifi share, pics crashes and goes out.
please check it.
2011-12-16 15:10:09
Thanks for your feedback. We found that current version not works with IE, please use Safari or Chrome. We'll fix this in next version.

2011-12-15 06:10:32
I just upgraded to the latest version of Pics, and now when I start it it asks me to enable location services for Pics even though it's already activated so I can't access my pictures stored in Pics.

Ive tried restarting the iPad (2) and disabling/enabling location services without success. Is there anything that can be done? Preferably without losing the pictures, and without me having to upgrade to IOs 5.
2011-12-15 10:48:46
You need to check out whether the Pics item is also on in the location service page. And maybe your built-in photo lib is damaged, try to do a sync and and/remove some photos using iTunes.

2011-12-14 23:29:10
About your app "Pics" on Ipad: fantastic app!! Works like a charm on my first generation Ipad.

Only minor grip is that when launched, app always asks for location services to be on, and no option to skip it. I`ve dissabled this services for battery saving purposes ...
2011-12-15 10:45:37
The usage of Location service by Pics would not drain your battery.

Sean Udal
2011-12-10 04:47:54
Re: Real Violin,

Hi the Viola b1 pitch sounds flat. Is it also possible to add a feature where you can switch off the labels. Please contact and WI Orchestra and allow us to buy the string sounds from them as an in app purchase.

Pizzicato would be great.

Thank You.
2011-12-10 17:57:41
Thanks for your feedback, we will consider your suggestions.

2011-12-06 00:39:35
I have ianalyzer on ipad. its quite useful in putting new set of strings to a piano. Only a problem is display size. The box of peaks such as 88.5db,440Hz,C4+7c is too small to read when fighting with piano. So please consider to have setting option to enlarge size of box by factor of 2 and 4. Reply
2011-12-06 11:01:17
OK, we will consider this.

2011-12-05 03:56:24
I just purchased Pics for my Iphone 4s and Ipad 2, both running 5.0.1 and both apps are crashing.. constantly. The 4s won't even load. The Ipad 2 loads and when I open my first or 2nd album, the app crashes. Thoughts? Suggestions? I've already deleted the app and tried to reinstall from both and that didn't work. Reply
2011-12-05 04:34:25
I was able to resolve by starting both devices. I have a large number of photos and albums (system) and I noted it takes a long time to initially load the app.... Hopefully that could be alleviated in a future update.
2011-12-05 09:29:40
We will try to fix the problem about load large system album in next version. Thanks!

2011-12-03 11:26:39
Hello. Does PhotoSpread support transfer of MP4 videos? Thank you. Reply
2011-12-03 11:49:37
No. But our another product Pics can do this, which is cheaper and better than PhotoSpread.

2011-12-01 20:07:51
Thanks pics app developer.
(I love this app!!)
Let me tell you someting.
Could you fix pics ICON (3.0->2.8)
I think the blue icon look like sharp image.
new icon(just flower) design is not cool.

What do you think about this??
2011-12-02 09:35:12
Many users had reported this, we are considering to bring back the old icon.

2011-12-01 00:50:18
Hi. Bought your iAnalyzer app and am enjoying its capabilities. I am currently having trouble trying to export a file. Do you have a "exporting for idiots" guide to help me through this? I've tried entering the web address at the bottom of the screen into a web browser, but could not get anything to happen.
Any help you can provide is appreciated.
2011-12-01 09:14:58
If you can see the http address on the bottom of file list window, that means your iOS device had joined a WiFi network, Now you just need to make sure your computer is in the same WiFi network, then open a web browser and enter the http address displayed on the iOS device. In your situations, your computer can not connect your iOS device, check out your WiFi network.

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