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2012-09-04 05:34:51
I'm a new user, and after 5' of Pics i'm expiriencing some problems with the software.

1) Trying to connect to my browser with wifi sharing i keep a) getting a message with 'Pics is off line...' or b) having a black page, without the menu on left, just the upload message. Worked fine the first two times, but now i keep seeing one of those two messages. Eather way, the program in the iphone is not responding, and when i restart it, it crashes again, and need a second restart to respond properly. I have an iphone 4, and about 5.500 pics in my Camera Roll.

2) i often use a program called Diskaid to manually upload and download files in my iphone 'cause i don't like using iTunes - but, i can't find Pics on the applications. Is it possible to include it in a next update?

2012-09-04 10:02:37
Reduce the number of photos in camera roll. iPhone 4 do not have enough system memory for Pics to handle so many photos.
2012-09-06 00:45:51
That was why i purchased Pics - to reduce filesize of pictures, and re-upload them to a photo gallery program :) Any thought about Diskaid (or simular programs) interaction?
2012-09-06 19:10:04
You can use our another app Phoder, which allowed you to upload & download via FTP.

2012-08-28 15:58:12
Data file stored in order to enable your improvement. 
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2012-08-24 02:12:00
iAnalyzer 1.0 (1.0) for Mac is a peace of impudence.
What means "Settings" if it doesn't work, no scale on SPL axis. Open file shows empty timeline. An effective workaround is simply to use a different program. You are kidding all users who paid for this. There is only few software on the web which is worse. You should be ashamed. This is a case for a lawyer.
2012-08-24 20:25:21
iAnalyzer for Mac not compatible with Mountain Lion, we had submit an update to Apple, please wait for a few days.
Sorry for inconvenience.

Pics filesize limit
2012-08-23 15:15:38
Hello, my videos transfer via wifi from iphone to PC stops at 2gb limit. This is not useful for me as I want to transfer 3.7gb video. Any reason for this filesize restriction? I suggest you mention this limitation in your statement, as for me, it makes the app not useful at all. Reply

Duz Walker
2012-08-16 17:17:24
It says on your home page for the App Pics which I have on my iPhone and iPad that you can add new albums and edit album names.

I have searched for how to do this in App and online and have got nowhere.

Please explain how I can add a new empty album, name it and move photos there for organisation?

Many thanks
Duz Walker
2012-08-16 17:25:37
I see - just go into the edit folder!


2012-08-08 12:42:28
I am trying to integrate photos from three cameras, all with different date and time settings, into one album using Pics can this be done? If not how can it be done? Reply

Joachim Smith
2012-08-07 20:28:45

Looks like an interesting app. I'll check it out.

In the meantime, both on the AppleStore page and on your homepage, you start the presentation with two typos:


iTace [sic!] automatically convert [sic!, should be 'converts'] the rough Bitmaps…"

Bad proof reading will invariably reflect on your product… ;-)


2012-08-05 06:19:58
Does Pics allow you to create sub-folders like Phoder? Reply
2012-08-05 10:11:29

2012-07-26 00:48:18
I like the way Phoder allows me to organize my pictures into folders and subfolders. The one thing I really wish I could do is CHANGING THE ICON of Phoder to something more catching than a plain manilla folder?
Is there a possibility? Thank you
2012-07-26 09:27:06
It's impossible for user to change the icon of app. We'll consider to change it next version, Thanks.

2012-07-24 23:39:08
I just purchased iAnalyzer for Mac and the settings function does not work. Can't get to all the different setting like in the pics on the app store. Reply
2012-07-25 10:31:39
Click the OSC on button to see real time effect of different settings.

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