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2013-01-08 22:04:29
How about make Pics adapt IPHONE5? we really need it! Reply
2013-01-09 20:27:19
Yes, we are going to update, but we are busy at other tasks at present.
2013-02-12 01:18:31
Trasfer Photo -PhotoSpread - needs native Iphone 5 display support!
And next tip for next version:
Add sort setting - I want to set display older or newer photos show in list.
Now are first new files and after transfer are in target in bad order than in source!!!!

2013-01-07 02:00:02
bought "Pics", nice piece of software!
Can I also sync from another Mac to another Mac? Didn't see this possibility, if no -> will this be included with an update?
2013-01-07 13:04:32
Pics is an App for iOS device, it can not sync photos from Mac to Mac.

2013-01-02 20:33:30
Is there the possibility to get a test version of iTrace? Reply
2013-01-03 11:02:20
Sorry, no trial version.
2013-01-04 23:07:31
thx anyway^^

2013-01-02 08:36:07
I payed for iAnalyzer and it crashes every time I try to open it.


2013-01-03 11:03:13
I had replied your email.

2012-12-28 10:55:22
I heard Pics's backup system is prohibited by rules of Apple...Does it mean I have to back up all photos , settings manually? using pc or mac? Reply
2012-12-28 20:37:06
Yes. When you click backup your phone from iTunes, Photos saved in Pics would not saved to your computer. Generally, you need to download your important photo to Mac or PC via WiFi connection.
If you always update the iOS by iPhone itself, and you never restore your iPhone, your photos in Pics would be safe.

2012-12-27 03:35:15
This may be a dumb question but can i tag photos and filter by tags? Reply

2012-12-20 10:24:31
Hello, I just bought your Ianalyzer app from the appstore.. it crashes EVERY single time i open it.. i really dont know what to do.. i cant contact you via the appstore and i paid 13.99 so its not a cheap app. PLEASE HELP Reply
2012-12-20 17:18:14
I have replied your email.
iAnalyzer Crashes
2013-05-10 11:08:43
Yes I purchased iAnalyzer on my iPhone and also for my MacBook iOS iPhone works awesome. MacBook version keeps crashing..... What is wrong with the program.

Mac OS 10.6.8

2012-12-13 02:41:11
And when clicking the top of the phone(where the clock and battery show) default app go to the top of the list. Update this feature would be great :) Reply
2012-12-20 17:16:07
We'll consider your suggestions, Thanks.

2012-12-13 02:37:02
And, when sorting a picture, In default picture app in iPhone, just pushing the photo to select the picture and then just drag and drop can sort the picture. I think if this feature updated in Pics, Pics can be more awesome (even it's awesome now, too)

2012-12-13 02:25:11
I use iPhone5, and I think Pics has to be updated to fit new wide screen when it comes to landscape mode.... Reply

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