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2013-05-15 02:38:57
Thinking of buy the Mac version, will it open a PDF and let me modify the vector images like Illustrator does? Reply
2013-05-16 21:12:48
I had replied your email.

2013-05-12 10:03:43
When I select photos in Pics, I don't get a Delete button, so I can't delete photos. I have the ipad version.
2013-05-12 12:57:18
Photos in Camera Roll or synced from iTunes can not be deleted by 3rd-party Apps.

2013-05-11 21:34:06
I quickly make a logo, but don't know how to print it?? Reply
2013-05-12 12:56:02
Use Safari to open the SVG file and print.

2013-05-11 07:01:32
hi can you cut your design out to put onto cd printable cd using epson printer? Reply
2013-05-11 13:02:52
Yes, but you need Preview app or Safari to open your design and then print.

2013-04-30 04:13:15
Can I save the data in a wavefrom chart in text or *.csv format? Or does the software only save data in *.wav files. I see that you save the FFT result in text format, but I want to save the original data as text. Reply
2013-05-08 22:25:21
No, you can't. The raw data is not suitable for human read.

Does not start.
2013-04-28 05:09:07
It installed, but will not start. What should I do now? MacOSX10.6.8 MacBookPro Reply
2013-05-04 15:26:54
Running 10.8.3 and just purchased your app but it does not work. Can get the 2nd pc to mirror but it will not mirror any changes I make on main unit

2013-04-22 04:04:13
Just installed MirrorDisplay but it is showing an error when I open it, indicating it was quit unexpectedly. How can I fix it? Reply
2013-04-26 21:08:19
Current version of Mirror Display not compatible with OS X 10.6, we will fix this in next version.
2014-08-16 03:08:19
Hi! I have the same problem with Mac OS X 10.6.8. How can I fix it?

2013-04-16 03:57:23
Are the folders in Pics real or virtual folders? That is, can I put an image in multiple folders, much like tagging or does the image physically reside in a given folder? I want to be able to tag an image as both "Family" and "Vacation-Mar-2013", for example Reply
2013-04-16 14:01:15
It's real folder, you can not tag photos.

2013-04-11 01:43:52
Hi. I've just started using iVinci and I do like how it works, but...
The Gradient Mesh feature doesn't seem to work. When I right-click and choose "Convert to Gradient Mesh", it asks me what rows and cells (I think this should say "columns") and then I get the shape with the grid on it. But there is no gradient or shading. Have I not done something correctly?

Request : Could the zoom controls also be by keyboard and from the menu. I use a trackball and it doesn't have a scroll-wheel to zoom with.

Thank you.
2013-04-11 10:45:25
After you convert to mesh, you need to select object with Point Selector, then select any node of mesh, and change the color with Color Panel.
We'll consider to add the keyboard zoom in the future.
2013-04-12 01:05:43
Thanks for your help. I'm able to work the gradient now.

2013-04-04 15:02:31
iVinci express does not start on 10.6.8. Reason - '-[NSScreen backingScaleFactor]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x101ac0270'.
backingScaleFactor was introduces in 10.7 ...
2013-04-04 17:00:23
Thanks for your help! We managed to make iVinci Express works on 10.7 in last update, we'll try to fix this in next update.

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