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2013-07-29 11:47:00
After purchasing iAnalyzer for iPhone, I have been able to download my recordings from the IP address given within the app to access my database. Recently I have tried to access the address, without success.

Unfortunately, even thought I have an iPhone 4, it is not compatible with my MBP (for some odd reason), so I am unable to download my recordings within iTunes. Have you severed the IP feature? Help, please.

Thanks. :)
2013-07-30 09:27:11
WiFi download feature always works fine, check out your network conditions. Make sure your iPhone and your Mac is using then same wifi network.
2013-12-13 04:10:19
It is an ongoing issue in certain places. Both devices are on the same network, but the network will not respond to the address as given by iAnalyzer.

2013-07-04 05:58:03
My project SVG keeps cutting off half my image when I try to export my file to JPG or PNG format! Why is this and how can I fix it? Reply
2013-07-04 09:42:05
Send me your SVG project to let me test. E-mail address is on the bottom of this page.
2013-07-04 09:44:17
Before you send, you can check out if your document size is too small.

2013-07-03 23:20:14
I have gone through your app on Appstore named iVinciCode. We are planning to purchase the paid version of this application. Before that we would like to know if we can import an image in .png, .psd format or SVG format and create its code using iVinciCode.

For example- If I import an image of an animal with eyes,nose,color etc can we use iVinciCode app to generate its code which creates that animal through code by drawing the contents of that image/animal programmatically using Objective C?.

Please let me know if it is possible. Any link to refer the same will be appreciated.
2013-07-04 09:40:42
1. SVG format is OK.
2. If you import png or jpg, you need to do "Live Trace" to get the vector image, now you can get Obj-C code. But the live trace is not 100% perfect(and NO Apps can make it 100% perfect), which means you need a little edit in iVinci Code, it's easy.

2013-06-27 07:19:58
Sorry but when you say you can export to PNG it's not true. I can't find any way to EXPORT my project. Wasted time. Reply
2013-06-27 13:05:02
We didn't say you can do export in Express version, only paid version can do this.

Walter Keller
2013-06-26 21:57:56
Purchased iAnalyzer for use in 10.6.8. Cannot get the application to run, it crashes with send report to apple !! Would appreciate response since App Store says it runs on 10.6.8 and up. Reply
2013-06-26 22:21:28
Please upgrade your OS to 10.8, We don't have a that old mac to test any more, and it's complicate to install old OSX on a new Mac. By the way, you can also use iAnalyzer on iPad or iPhone.

2013-06-23 09:19:27
I paid a good bit of money for iVinci Express and the random close outs are getting very irritating and especially when I haven't gotten to save my work and have to start over... Reply
2013-06-23 10:26:53
Is this always be or just the latest version? What OSX are you using?

2013-06-21 19:14:15
iAnalyzer is working correctly on OSX 10.6.8 system? I have problems with running this application... Reply
2013-06-21 22:52:09
Why not upgrade your OS to 10.8? We don't have a that old mac to test any more.
2013-06-24 20:28:09
So on 10.8 app is working and You have tested it? Many thanks
2013-06-26 22:18:36
Of course I have tested it on 10.8, Apple also test all Apps on App Store on 10.8, if any App can not run on the latest OS, it is not "ready for sell".

2013-06-02 19:55:57
Before I can consider purchasing it, I would like to try a demo version for a week or two. When will you have one? Reply
2013-06-03 17:06:53
Which app do you mean?
If you mean iVinci, you can search "iVinci Express" on Mac App Store, which is free for download.

2013-05-26 02:20:41
Hi, there is a demo version of iVinci Code ?
2013-05-26 09:40:25
Not at present.

2013-05-25 00:53:43
Can iVinci import .wmf files? Is there a list of files that can be imported? Reply
2013-05-25 11:27:55
No, you need convert wmf to svg to open in iVinci. SVG is the only vector format supported by iVinci, but you can also import Bitmap images (png, jpg), iVinci support Live trace which can convert Bitmap images to Vector images.

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