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Maxime Rouleau
2014-03-19 23:28:39

I was wondering if it's simply a limitation of the free version of vtDisplay Host but it doesn't seem to support 16:10 Mac displays such as 1920x1200, etc...

Otherwise thank you for the awesome performance on this piece of software!
2014-03-20 15:31:33
We had added this resolution in new version(1.1) of vtDisplay Host, you can download it now.
Maxime Rouleau
2014-03-21 01:05:02
Wow, awesome !
Thank you so much!

Paolo Saldari
2014-03-18 18:41:38
yesterday I have discovered and bought iVinci on the appstore, wow truly impressive! I love the UI, the live trace and the gradient mesh!
I hope that you will not abandon the development of this software because it is full of beautiful hopes.
This is my iVinci dream list:
- brush with artistic strokes (and the possibility to make it by myself)
- chose end cup round or square etc.
- improve trace support with the ability to chose how many colors (more than 2, of corse...) or to trace only the stroke
- improve the text tool (kern)
- other units of measurement, like cm or inch
- rulers and guides
2014-03-19 12:17:17
Thanks for your feedbacks, we will consider them while update.

David Green
2014-03-03 21:46:10
Hi !
It's been awhile since I have not used Pics (so it may be related to the last update) and the app is pretty unusable :

When I want to scroll through the photos, there is always one pictures selected, like the one I put my finger on. It's imposible to scroll without selecting a picture, really weird.

I'm on Ipad 2 with ios7

2014-03-03 22:25:39
Please wait for the next update.
David Green
2014-03-04 00:13:53
Ok, thanks !

I have tried a few others apps as a replacement and I can say yours is still a cut above all others !

2014-03-02 19:26:24
hello Phyar~!

I'm a heavy user of Pics after its name was Seesee.

I'm totally satisfied with that but there is big problem.

there's no support on iTunes backup system.

When I had my iPhone get refurbish service, I forgot back up Pics' pics.... I restored with my new refurbished iPhone...but...but....important pics was gone.....

please support compatibility with iTunes backup systmem.
2014-03-03 20:15:57
Photos stored in Pics would not be backed up by iTunes any more after iOS 5.0 released. We are very sorry about this but we just follow the current rule of Apple, we will try to fix this once we can.

2014-02-26 17:09:55
Re: AirJack:
When I run AirJack from my Mac to my iPhone connected to my HiFi, the volume is really low - even though all volumes are turned up to maximum.
Any help please?
2014-02-26 20:18:41
The output volume of air jack is the same as output from Mac, we didn't change the volume during the transform. But the output level of iOS device is supposed to use headsets, you can not hear as loud as speakers of Mac.

Oleg Bakharev
2014-02-18 17:14:45
iVinchi Express 4.4 trying to draw circle segment.
Draw circle, then remove point. iVinchi automatically closes path without point.
Result: It is IMPOSSIBLE to draw circle segment in iVinchi Express. Only Express?
DO NOT try to be smarter then user.
Adobe Illustrator just removes point and leaves path open.
2014-02-19 15:20:57
When you delete the point on a closed path, the path would be keep closed. But you can open any closed path on any segment by right click inside the path and near the segment with Point Selecter.
Oleg Bakharev
2014-02-19 17:58:24
Thank You!
It is possible to change background color of document from white color to chessboard-like pattern?
2014-02-20 09:16:26
The background is actually transparent. If you need other color, draw a rectangle on the lowest layer.

2014-02-17 21:26:26
Hi, i downloaded vtDisplay but it wouldn't open with Mac OSX 10.6.8. The Free Host is also crashing. Any suggest? On 10.9. seems to work fine, but i need to run it on 10.6. also. Reply
2014-02-18 09:21:26
Sorry, the oldest OS X we had tested is 10.7. We will try to make it compatible with 10.6 in next version.
2014-02-21 20:21:39
I have same problem. I want to use old MacBook from 2007 running 10.6.8 as second monitor (actually... I want to use the external monitor attached to the laptop) for my 2012 MacMini running Mavericks. In Mac Apps store, it says vtDisplay is compatible with 10.6.
2014-02-22 09:29:24
Actually, even we let you run vtDisplay on 10.6, your old hardware is not fast enough to get acceptable performance.

2014-02-15 23:26:24
Hello, I am a user from chian,I send a email to u days ago, I want to know how to contact the chinese branch office. I met some problems for Pics. Look forwa to your reply, tks a lot. Reply
2014-02-18 09:18:31
You can write in Chinese directly.
2014-02-20 23:29:22

2014-01-28 04:46:32
What´s the resolution of the svg-Images?
And wha´s the difference between iVinci Express and iVinci?
2014-01-29 19:24:12
SVG is vector image format, you can't tell the resolution. iVinci Express is for demo purpose, you can not export your works. Press the "Pro Version" button in Express version, you'll see the features only available in iVinci full version.

Koen Theunis
2014-01-17 13:14:11
OS X 10.9.1 Reply
2014-01-17 17:57:32
No problem found on our Macs. Please try to re-install iVinci.
Koen Theunis
2014-01-18 01:24:22
re installed IVinci and still not working. Sorry but it seems I cant use it to design my logos.... how do organise a refund if it cannot be fixed?
2014-01-18 11:50:06
iVinci series had tens of thousands users all over the world, no other users report this problem. I suggest you try on another Mac. If you want refunds, you need to contact Apple.

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