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2014-09-20 01:38:29
Hi there - I see that I can use mirror display to share my mac screen with other devices but what can I use to share my iphone5 screen with my mac book? I am a Phantom vision camera pilot and I was hoping I could show my screen whilst in flight to somebody watching live on my macbook. Thanks. Reply
2014-09-20 10:33:12
We don't have an App work for this.

2014-09-19 09:54:42
Hi, I would like to push my macbook pro screen to a Samsung Smart TV. Does Mirror display work for that?
2014-09-20 10:32:02
Your Samsung Smart TV can view the screen if it has a web browser installed in theory, but generally Smart TV is not powerful enough to get acceptable fps, so I don't think it works.

2014-09-18 15:58:16
How to unlink one control point (use one point instead of two points) when drawing bezier curves like that in the game bezier<dot>method<dot>ac ? I've tried shift/alt/command but it doesn't work. Reply
2014-09-20 10:28:51
Press and Hold "alt" key when you drag the control point will unlink them. You can also remove one of the control point by right click on the point to show the context menu. To bring it back, right click on the anchor point and choose Smooth.
2014-09-21 10:22:56
I know the context menu, and the dragging method. But it seems impossible to reduce control points while using the pen tool. Apart from the first node, all nodes on the path have two control points.

2014-09-15 15:17:02
[iVinci] Feature request: Synchronous editing of objects in multiple layers.
Hope I can edit their 3D-perspective or positon without merging.
2014-09-16 00:05:06
Press and hold "shift" or "command" key to select multiple layers.
Then you can edit objects in multiple layers.

2014-09-10 14:08:01
For iAnalyzer

Could you please help to advise the formula for calculating whole dB, through the FFT peak dB result(4K)?

I have found there still have chance that the peak dB is not very high compare with others and need more precise whole dB.
*I have tried to do some reading to get the answers, but found out it is slight difficult for me...
2014-09-10 18:39:07
dB=20*log10(V/Vref). Where V is amplitude of frequency, Vref is a reference value. To calculate the whole dB, you need to add all amplitudes of each frequency together as V. It's impossible to get precise whole dB only by the peak dB. Actually, too many conditions would influence the dB value while you use microphone as input device, iAnalyzer is not a oscilloscope. But the frequency would always be precise, which is the main purpose of iAnalyzer.

vt display
2014-09-09 22:02:03
my main computer is a imac running 10.9.4 and Im connected to a google tv through a mac mini.

I cant get the vtdisplay to work.

I'm trying to use the TV as a second (larger screen) in the room

I have downloaded mirror and vtdisplay on both
2014-09-09 23:44:01
I suppose your tv is the display of Mac mini, to make your tv as the second screen of iMac, do the following steps:
1. Make sure your 2 Mac have connected the same wifi network.
2. Download "vtDisplay Host" app from our web site on your iMac, and run it.
3. Run the vtDisplay app you bought from App Store on your Mac mini.

That's all, the will connect each other automatically.

2014-09-09 15:52:34
Thanks for your reply.

Further question for iAnalyzer, can I rename the wav. file on my iPad?
Or can I download the wav. file through to my computer, rename the wav. file by computer and upload it to
2014-09-09 16:35:34
1. You can't rename wav file.
2. You can't upload any file.

2014-09-08 19:43:44
I use iVinci Code, do you have any plans to update it to produce Swift code? Reply
2014-09-08 22:49:37
We will consider this. But Swift is not popular yet.

2014-09-07 23:10:16
I want to use my iPad to control my MBP in a science lab with SmartTech Notebook software to make the projection screen interactive using the iPad. Is this a possibility using your software ? There is a wifi network in the classroom, which is maintained by the district, but I can connect to it with both computers. BlueTooth is an option, I think,.

Thanks for your help.

2014-09-08 10:22:35
Yes, vtDisplay can do this. Buy the vtDisplay for iOS on your iPad and run the Host app on your Mac. You can config the display as "2 Display mode" or "Mirror Display Mode" in Settings app. Only WiFi connection required. Note that if your MBP is retina display, the mirror display mode is not perfect. We will fix this after OSX 10.10 released.

2014-09-07 10:27:07
I have bought your iAnalyzer for my iPad 3, it is cool, but
I am not sure how to output the cvs or any other excel format
of the graphic data to my computer, which I can do further

Could you please advise if your App have this function and
how to output?

If can not, I can still pin point the wanted time zone to know the peak of this time, but I found out that the time pitch shown is 0.1s, but actually it contains at least 4 or 5 even tiny time stamp, which makes me feel difficult to re-check the data.
eg. If I point the time stamp at 1.5s and want to record the peak dB at this stage, but actually the 1.5s can give me four or five result(It contains four or five result I guess should be 1.48,1.50,1.52, etc), and it is very difficult to repeat the result by finger.

Any advice to deal with this?

Also, how can I know the whole dB at a wanted time stamp?
The graphic at the bottom shows the whole curve which I have records, but I can not find any value there(eg. if I want to know the SPL level at 1.0s and 1.5s).

Will be very appreciated if can get your help.
2014-09-07 21:45:21
To download FFT result file, Press "Settings" button and then Press "Help" to see the steps of download wav files. At there you can download wav file,screen shot and a txt file contain the FFT result, note that the FFT result is only a frame, the frame size depend on the FFT size you set, 4K, 8K, or 16K. No other file format supported.

While you change the time stamp, the step time is actually 1024/44100=0.0232s, that's why you got tiny time stamp. It was not designed to let users set time exactly, just for view purpose.

The whole dB value was not calculated, considering the formula of dB, the whole dB would be approximate with the peak dB if the peak dB is high. But we will consider to add this in future version.

Thanks for your feedback.

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