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2014-08-19 09:29:46
:) I hope you can add these features to iVinci:
1. Export to minified svg files. (I found lots of description nodes/attributes for iVinci in the files.)
2. Bind anything including groups of objects to a path (without ungrouping).
3. Snap to points. (option)
4. Snap to tangents? (option)
5. Pin object at a corner/side/position when resizing the image in the info window.
6. Rename a layer.
2014-08-19 10:24:21
1. We will consider this, but descriptions for iVinci in SVG file would not increase the size of file significantly.
2. You can bind any group to path already.
3. 4. We will consider this.
5. 6. Not very useful.

2014-08-17 23:47:48
about iVinci: How to quickly add a path between two points? Reply
2014-08-18 10:10:20
No this command. What do you exactly want to do?
2014-08-18 14:10:06
If I didn't close the path drawn with pen or pencil, I can't close it quickly later. Hope it can snap to the points.
2014-08-18 16:22:58
You can select the shape with "Point Selector", then right click on the shape, you will see the "Close Path" option.

2014-08-16 22:47:36
Just installed MirrorDisplay on my Mac OS X 10.6.8 but it is showing an error when I open it, indicating it was quit unexpectedly. How can I fix it? Reply
2014-08-17 15:02:32
Please upgrade your OS X to latest version.

2014-08-08 00:10:52
Is it just me, or why when i go to the tutorial on youtube, is there NO sound??? Reply
2014-08-08 16:47:18
The videos are silent.

2014-08-01 18:03:30
Hi !

I have a problem with Pics 1 : I moved photos from one album to another, during the process the app crashed and it didn't finished.

Now each time I try to open the album, the app crash
Each time I try to access the album through wifi transfer, the app crash.
But I still can watch the slideshow.

So do you know how can I recover those pictures ?
2014-08-02 10:59:54
It seems like about thumbnail problem, we can not reproduce this problem, but I can give you another way to download photos with WiFi Share, although it's a little complicate.
1. Turn your Wifi share on, let's say its address is "".
2. Open your web browser and request "", you'll get all photos info in your library, sorted by albums.
3. Search the album name you need, then take a look at photos info followed: ...1371445429717,JPG,,;1371445429716,JPG,,;....
The number is the photo id, and the JPG is the photo type. Now if you want to download photo with id 1371445429717, open a new browser window and request "", you will get this photo.
4. After you finished downloading all photos in that album, remove that album and re-upload.
2014-08-02 18:05:28
Thanks for the help !

It was weird : at first, on the photolist the album looked empty.
So I tried to access one of the photos of the album before it crashes and went offline and surprisingly it worked, the list showed what you say !

In trying to re upload some of those pictures I found out that it was one large image (3.5Mo) that made it crash at first, it did upload it but crashed in finishing the process I guess.

2014-07-28 21:02:15
Can I export SVG and PNG files from the iVinci code ? Reply
2014-07-29 08:49:57

2014-07-22 21:49:24
Hello, Just want to tell you that I like iVinci very much and it is become my favorite vector design software. Thank you for this excellent software. Reply
2014-07-23 09:34:07
Thank you!

2014-07-17 17:14:13

I like iVinci very much, and I am using it as my main graphic design tool (Snow leopard and mavericks), but I would like to suggest some improvements:

- Use the System color picker so user can access to existing color libraries and palettes. I was trying to coordinate some logo colors with a web design and it was a pain not been able to access the site palette.

- Dialog boxes should support tab key to move from an input field to another.

- It would be great to edit text in place

- Layer opacity would be a plus

- It would be interesting an option to adjust canvas size to the drawing size (including a padding), or a way to export images specifying this. Is useful to export logos and another pieces.

Thanks for this excelent application

2014-07-17 23:41:08
Thanks for your feedbacks.
1. System color picker can only be stand-alone dialog, which breach our GUI design. You can pick the color directly from web page with our color picker.
2. Tab key will be added in future version.
3. We will consider this, but it is not likely to support.
4. Layer opacity will be added in future version.
5. Export image with a specified region, this will be added!
2014-07-18 20:01:08
Thank you.

2014-07-05 02:38:01
Can videos deleted in Pics be recovered? Reply
2014-07-05 23:23:28

2014-06-24 20:19:13
Where are the instructions on how to use Mirror Display? I want to install it on my macbook pro and use it to stream web content to my Smart LG TV, or via Apple TV. How do I do it? Reply
2014-06-25 11:42:43
You can not stream to Apple TV.

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